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ROMANIA my love, my sorrow.

I am Romanian, but I have left my country nearly 4 years ago.
I have revisited on a regular basis, obviously since my family lives there.
However I have never felt such emotional contradictions as this time.
Sometime ago, in autumn 2011 I have invited Alexey to join me, and visit together my family. I go every year, and I felt that I would like to show the country that was my home, to the man I love.

Romanian shepard

Romanian shepherd

And so we have embarked on a 24h hour bus ride, to reach my father’s place (Radauti, Suceava).
My parents are separated for many years, and no longer live in the same
part of the country (they needed about 700 km apart, to feel comfortable :))
Therefore visiting both of them during one trip, can be tiring and challenging.This of course considering that the public transport between them is not exactly
user friendly :) But such is my country…
It took us more than 24 hours to reach my father’s place, 3 buses & 1 car.
Finally we did.
My father, a man of a great career and highly respected in the area where he lives, is more of a career man than a father. He does not know how to be a father, and moreover a girl’s father. But nonetheless he has been WAY TOO hospitable.
Too much food, too much alcohol, too much talking, too much of everything.
But in the end..I guess, Romanians are like that.
Then after visiting my dad, we visited my mum, who has as well prepared a lot of food, wine, talks, dramas and too many emotions. What a WOMAN! She can be digested only in small quantities, that’s for sure. It takes me time to adjust back to her style, and unfortunately that is the only thing I usually lack.Time.
I, now have the great power to watch all of this with a certain detachment.
As everybody who no longer lives in their country, knows that. I can stay apart and observe…habits, traditions, behavior…what usually defines a nation.
Until this visit, I was still not able to stay apart and just look. No judgments. But simply observe.
I did this for some time.
And right now I am confused. I guess it is a general feeling of the entire country. The entire felling is such as of a passionate love story.
There is joy, happiness, love, passion, …and there is madness, jealousy, anger, sadness, sorrow. You always take part to the most dramatic and ultimate event’s of your close ones. There are weddings to celebrate, funerals to cry, baptisms to enjoy, divorces and love affairs to gossip…and they all go one after another.
The life in Romania is a roller-coaster.
Now they love, then they hate, then they drink of happiness, then they die because they drank too much, then they drink of sorrow..
It is an..overwhelming country. At least for me.
The things that made me get emotional, was that while travelling by train could still see, during the times that we live, the simplicity of traditional life, and that it still exists.
Romania Bucovina sheep

Sheep freely walk around

Shepherds whit their sheep, doing what they have done for hundreds of years. Raising their sheep, the same simple way as always, summers in the mountains, winters in the fields, cows that are still grazing freely on the open fields.

When you live within the country, most probably none of these seems extraordinary, but trust me, IT IS.
I have indeed chosen a different path, and very non-romanian one, simply because the too much for me. I would love to come back in 10 years from now, and see that some things have improved (like…less drinking, better economic situation for everybody, which breaks my heart to see how the economic power is so unfairly divided ) and some have not changed ( the “mioritic” way of life) .
The picture of the shepherd is by Vlad Mereuta.

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  1. It’s a please to read your first post, Mara)
    What is the “mioritic” way of life? Google says it is a breed of a dog. You never mentioned this word and this way of life..

    1. Thank you Pavel, I am glad you have liked it. “Mioritic” is a very familiar word for romanians, and it comes from a famous romanian ballad, Miorita, mioara in romanian means sheep. The ballad : It simply defines a shepherd’s simple lifestyle.

      1. Ah.. got it now. Thanks!

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