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Funny English signs in China

When you travel around China you don’t get many chances to communicate in proper English, especially if you go off touristic areas. I mean even if your English is good, you may not be understood or get an understandable answer. But you will definitely see inscriptions in English: ads in pensions or restaurants, official signs and warnings, other types of messages.

These Chinese to English translations are very funny, sometimes they just don’t make any sense. I am sure you have come across pictures of such funny English phrases and inscriptions. Though i have decided to share some we have come across.

Let’s start our journey into the world of funny English in China. Which way?

Funny English in China, a sign in the Summer Palace, Beijing

This way! – Which, left of right?

If you want to be faster, you should buy shoes “Master of Faster”.

Funny English in China

A poster in a shop window: Master of Faster

But if we are moving too fast we should be careful not to disturb growing grass in the a park.

Sign in a park: Don't disturb the growing grass

A sign in a park on the West Lake: Don’t disturb the growing grass

If you respectful enough the grass will smile at you. Have you ever been in a situation when grass was smiling at you? If so, please send me a PM.

A sign in a park on the West Lake, close to Shanghai

A sign in a park: The grass is smiling at you, please detour.

If smiling grass is not enough you can always go to a place where organisms live in trash bins.

We have come across one of such trash bins in Kaifeng, Henan province. In my next post you can see what kind of organisms they sell at night food market in Kaifeng.

Inscription on a trash been in Kaifeng: Organism

Inscription on a trash bin in Kaifeng: Organism

After all these impressions we needed a break so we stopped at a cafe to have a seat of Chinese tea. We also thought about eating “stop for the night”. But decided to confine ourselves and ordered traditional local food.

A poster in a cafe in Pingyao, China

A poster in a cafe in Pingyao: a seat of Chinese tea

In the next place we could enjoy real Chines Sta, ying & eating. And of course, well known Chinese green tea.

Ad poster in a cafe in Pingyao

Ad poster in a cafe in Pingyao: Sta, ying, eating….

After we have had enough of real Chinese delicacies and teas we took a boat. Unexpectedly we were warned to not the level of gap. Before that day I did not know that gaps are classified according to their levels. SO i took a mental note on the level of that gap and proceeded to the exit.

A sign in a port in Shanghai

A sign in a port in Shanghai: Note that the level of gap

With the notion of the gap’s level we were warned again that the area is dangerous due to prohibited climbing. I had not known that the Chinese invented a special type of climbing which is obviously extremely dangerous. Moreover it is prohibited. I wonder whether you have to spend 10-20-30….years in a Shao Lin monastery to become a Master of prohibited climbing. For obvious reasons I did not want to participate.

The area of prohibited climbing

The area of prohibited climbing

After enjoying sight seeing we decided to do some shopping and came across this well known brand – Tommy Welai.

World famous brand Tommy Welai = Tommy Hilfiger

World famous brand Tommy Welai – a shop in Shanghai

I am sure you can come across way more funny Chinese to English translations and inscriptions in China. This is my small contribution to the Internet collection of pictures with funny English in China.

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  1. really cool website. i loved it. i traveled in china and have seen a lot of funny English.

    1. Thnx, Berta.

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