Tuesday, November 12th 2019

China,Beijing, First impressions

We arrived 1AM at the Beijing airport, went through the passport control and joined a long queue for taxis. After long dialogue with a taxi driver (he was speaking Chinese, we – English) we left from the airport and headed for Beijing.

When we woke up we set off for our first walk. and as we were staying in Hutongs, The Bell Tower and the Drum Tower were very close.

On the way there we spotted a man who was blowing some toys for kids…i could not identify the material.

A man blowing toys, Beijing


A man blowing up a toy in Beijing

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower, Beijing

They tower was built in 1272, and rebuilt twice after two fires. At one period in history they were the time-telling center of the capital city during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties (1271-1911).

The big bell on the Bell Tower, Beijing

The bell hangs on eight-square wooden frame of the second floor, the bell in this tower is the largest and heaviest in China. It is 7.02 meters (23 feet) high including the pendants, with a weight of 63 tons (138,891 pounds). The bell was made of copper. The two 2-meter-long (2 yards) wooden logs hanging sideward are used to ring the bell.

then we headed to Jingshan Park which turned out to be full of dancing, playing instruments and singing people.

People happily dancing in Jingshan Park

More dancing in Jingshan Park

It was so much fun to watch, that I filmed this part.

Check out this video – People dancing in Jingshan Park

More people playing music and dancing…

Dancing to the rhythm

Enjoying the music

What is that???

This is the beauty dancing ;-)

The fairy has landed… tada

But most of all I like the combination of communist gathering and fantasy teenagers. From the Past straight into the Future ;-)

Communist meeting in a Beijing park

Fantasy charactersThe Forbidden City

And to crown it all was an amazing view over the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City, Beijing

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