Friday, April 20th 2018

Japan 2 – My first day in Osaka

I reached Osaka early in the morning. After travelling for 1,5 days from Prague to Dubai to Tokyo to Osaka I was pretty tired and my injured foot was not much better. In fact it was even worse. I was tired and crippled but quite happy that I am finally there.

The first thing i did after shower I fell asleep. I slept quite a lot. When I woke up…i took some pictures from the balcony.

My first Osaka view from a balcony

Street view across the river in the direction of Tennmabashi station

Umbrellas and bicycles are everywhere. Summer can be quite hot in Jaoan. A lot of women protect themselves from sun and getting tanned. In general Asian women don’t want to get tanned, they want to be white. I even saw women fully dressed under an umbrella on a beach in Hokkaido.  This lady’s husband and kids were enjoyed water and sun but she was fully dressed at noon, with long sleeves.

Transport is quite expensive in Japan. Even short distances can cost quite a lot. So bicycle is a widely used means of transport.

Umbrella and bicycles

Then I was meeting Eri who I met in Prague one year before. An we were going to meet her friend Hiromi for some food and drinks. They took me to Shinsaibashi shopping area.

Doguya-suji Arcade

One of the things you see everywhere in Japan is pachinko parlours.An people take this leisure time very seriously. I saw some people sitting in front of a pachinko parlour at 7am in Hiroshima. They looked like they spent that night there.

Pachinko lounge in Doguya-suji Arcade

Pachinko lounge in Doguya-suji Arcade

Pachinko lounge in Doguya-suji Arcade

Then we went to eat takoyaki, a popular Japanese dish in a form of balls made of batter, diced or whole baby octopus, tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, ponzu, mayonnaise, green laver (aonori), and katsuobushi (fish shavings).

Takoyaki from a street vendor

Takoyaki in Osaka

After takoyaki tasting we proceeded to an izakaya. Izakaya is a place where people go to eat and drink properly. and by properly i mean a lot ;_)) what we did of course.

Ordering food in an izakaya, Osaka

Food in izakaya, Osaka


Me, Hiromi and Eri

This first evening I tried my first shochu. It is interesting that a lot of people know about sake and almost nobody knows about shochu. I even met people in hostels who had been travelling in Japan for 2 weeks already and still hadn’t heard about shochu. In general a lot of foreigners travel in a kind of parallel Japan. For example, some Europeans and Americans I met in  in  Fukukoa gathered together and went to a bar for foreigners to get drunks. When I talked to them they did not know a lot of things I learnt during the first week.

But coming back to shochu…There are different types of shochu and people drink it straight, on ice, with hot water in winter, even with tea.

After having tons of food and tons of drinks and tons of laughs we went home. On a train back home i took a picture of this man. He was runk but not really misbehaving. He just took off his t-shirt and shoes.

Tired man on a train in Osaka

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  1. Thanks for interesting stories!! I have bookmarked the blog to check out new posts!!

    1. Thank you, John. We are about to leave, and going to post/write more from other countries!

  2. Interesting post. I would like to visit Japan, but not sure when. Osaka is on the list.

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